What is Nomad Numismatics

Numismatics, or more specifically “coin collecting”, is the most portable and value-proven art form to date. Contrary to old-school wealth management myths, this is an excellent way to diversify assets and flexibly move around the world. As long as you buy rare, popular and high quality “Nomad Numismatics”, not only can coins be an exceptional inflation safeguard, but it may even appreciate in value should coinage be banned completely in the near future.

At Nomad Numismatics, we provide you with a strategy and a guaranteed receipt of high-valued coins from trusted numismatic dealers. Here is the following criteria that we evaluate when giving coin advice:

  • Rare: whenever possible, we research the coin’s mintage, also known as the number of coins produced. Fewer minted coins means less supply. This entails uniqueness as well- albeit subjective, some uncommon coins have rare artistic features, such as beautiful toning or patina, or for ancient coins, it is well struck. Once again this is a simple concept of supply and demand.
  • Quality: we only deal in extremely fine (XF) coins and higher grades. Since coins circulate in the real economy, it makes logical sense that there is a shorter supply of coins with little wear, scratches and dents.
  • Popular: to be more specific, we are talking about liquid, that is easily sellable coins; ones with a high popular demand. This usually stems from the coin’s historical connotation, whether it was tied to a well-known event or story.

Why should you buy rare coins at reputable numismatic shops or auction houses?

Many rare coins circulate on e-bay and may even be found at a flea market. The problem is that there is no guarantee that the coin isn’t a fake. You may end up purchasing the deal of a lifetime, but most likely you will shell out a lot of money for a fake, which is a profitable business for scammers. Numismatic shops charge a small premium for their expertise in verifying the authenticity of a coin, and depending on the country where you are buying, offer decades or even lifetime guarantees for your purchased coins. This does not happen on online seller platforms or in private purchases.

At Nomad Numismatics, we help you identify the most liquid rare coins for your location and then we find the numismatic store or private numismatist who is selling your desired coin. The final transaction happens between you and the seller, where you can personally evaluate their credentials and reputation based on reviews and licenses.

Feel free to explore our site for examples of Nomad Numismatic coins:

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Hedging Gold Confiscation

The legal precedent of numismatic coins sheds light on potential outcomes in a future government confiscation of precious metals. Looking back at the famous 1933 U.S. gold confiscation, Franklin Delano Roosevelt, soon after taking office, issued a less-publicized order that exempted certain gold coins, specifically those ‘having a recognized special value to collectors of rare and unusual coins.’ Later, in 1954, the Treasury Department expanded this definition to include all gold coins minted before 1933. This designation implies that gold coins predating 1933 have a legal standing as ‘rare and unusual.’ Why was such a loophole inserted? Because the wealthy donors bankrolling U.S. politicians often possess valuable numismatic coins themselves, and they surely didn’t intend their stash to be seized!

Each jurisdiction has its own set of rules, so be sure to check your travel destination’s laws. In France, only pre-1800 coins are deemed ‘numismatic’. In the United Kingdom, one can interpret that the year is 1837, based upon the 1966 Amendment to the Exchange Control Act, which limited gold possession of up to 4 gold coins dated after 1837. 

To be clear, this does not mean that you will be saved from a gold or silver confiscation. Mike Maloney, a well known gold & silver analyst, said it best:

“Confiscation all comes down to this: the government makes the rules, changes the rules, and enforces the rules. Though it lacks the moral right, it can create legal authority. Though it lacks the constitutional empowerment, it can turn a blind eye to the Constitution… The Constitution did not stop the government from taking people’s gold in 1933.”

Mike Maloney ~ Guide to Investing in Gold & Silver (2015)

If you choose to buy pure bullion, we highly advise to buy legal tender bullion coins, i.e. coins that have a currency face value issued by the government, usually far below the spot metal value. Historic precedence shows that legal tender precious metal coins were exempt from confiscation, underlined in FDR’s lesser-known silver confiscation Executive Order 6814. This is a small protective measure that can be swiftly overturned, but it should be nevertheless considered.

Numismatic Bullion

At Nomad Numismatics, our advice to clients primarily revolves around the purchase of ‘junk gold,’ also recognized as old gold coins. This strategy stems from historical gold confiscation laws, such as the one enacted in the United States in 1933, where numismatic coins were granted an exemption. Although these coins may incur a slight premium over pure bullion coins, they essentially function as an insurance policy.

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Buying Wealth Anonymously

If you’ve recently acquired precious metals, you’re well aware of the significant KYC implications tied to the purchase. At best, the dealer requests an ID document, and just like that, your “anonymous” gold paper-cash purchase is linked to you. At worst, you’ll have to provide documentation on the source of funds. When selling, they’ll inquire about when and where you bought the bullion, how you funded the purchase, the source of income, along with the ever-present bureaucratic documentation recording your transaction.

At Nomad Numismatics, we specialize in agent & trustee services, structuring one’s KYC out of their personal name, & off-balance sheet transfer of assets & earnings management.

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At Nomad Numismatics, our solutions are designed to adapt to the forthcoming decade characterized by warfare, technocracy, and the Great Reset. While the conventional method of holding anonymous physical gold and silver remains a solid hedge during Reset periods, future trends indicate the likelihood of capital controls and stringent Know Your Customer (KYC) protocols for precious metal transactions.

Recent swift lockdowns and stay-at-home orders trapped those without a portable wealth or contingency plans at home. If you believe that these technocratic systems can and will be implemented in the near future, proactive steps can safeguard your assets, securing personal freedom for you and your family.

Our team comprises individuals with direct experience living under Communist regimes, navigating financial constraints, monetary limitations, and pervasive surveillance. We’re committed to guiding you through digital age restrictions and lockdowns, assisting in relocating your family, business, and assets to jurisdictions that prioritize freedom.

If long distance travel and nomad lifestyle does not work for you, please visit us at https://onlineresetadvisors.com to learn more about Navigating the New Normal.